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Corporate Social Responsibility

The InterContinental Resorts of French Polynesia are actively engaged in preserving the beauty of its locations within the Society Islands, and promote the values of ecotourism and sustainable development so that future generations will be able to enjoy these heavenly places.
This sustainable commitment manifests in the adoption of a sustainability policy and support for the actions of the local association Te Mana O Te Moana (‘The Spirit of the Ocean’).
In order to reduce our environmental impact, we are committed to:
  • Complying with all relevant legislations and regulations
  • Encouraging the development and integration of sustainable technologies
  • Monitoring, recording and benchmarking our environmental performance on a regular basis 
  • Continually improving our environmental sustainability and benchmarking
  • Supporting local employment as well as products and services of local origin
  • Contributing to biodiversity conservation and develop environmental education programs
  • Involving our guests, colleagues, suppliers and contractors in our efforts to protect the environment
  • Communicating our policies, practices and programmes to our stakeholders
Turtle Care Centre

The Turtle Care Centre was created in February 2004 to treat and rehabilitate sea turtles that are sick, wounded, mutilated or seized by the authorities. The InterContinental Moorea adapted our private lagoon to house and protect the turtles, entrusting the Te Mana O Te Moana Association to manage the clinic.

The park itself is enclosed to keep the turtles safe, and comprises a rehabilitation lagoon, a resting area, 7 nurseries (one for intensive care, one for juveniles), and a medical care room. The park is 50 metres long and eight metres wide, with a depth of around two meters. The strong natural current here allows for the continuous supply of fresh water. The quality of the water is checked every month by bacteriological analysis.

Most of the time, you will  see two species of sea turtles at the clinic : the green turtle and the hawksbill turtle. Over 400 turtles have been sheltered by the clinic since it first opened, of which more than 190 have been successfully released back into the wild.

Te Mana O Te Moana
The Te Mana O Te Moana association was founded in 2004 by the owner of the InterContinental Resorts of French Polynesia, Mr Richard Bailey and the veterinarian Dr Cécile Gaspar. Recognised as a general interest organisation, Te Mana O Te Moana is a member of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). The Te Mana O Te Moana office is located at the InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa. 
Through its research, conservation, communication and education initiatives, Te Mana O Te Moana aims to protect the sea environment in French Polynesia and raise people's awareness of ecological issues.
In partnership with other associations and universities, Te Mana O Te Moana conducts research studies and projects on Polynesian sea fauna, marine flora and the island ecosystem.
Te Mana O Te Moana puts together programs for the protection and monitoring of French Polynesian marine species (cetaceans, turtles, fish, coral, etc). In accordance with this mission, the association manages the marine turtle care centre, which is set up on the premises of the InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa.
Te Mana O Te Moana promotes environmental awareness for the public, local populations and especially children, through school programs and communication tools aimed at understanding the local natural heritage and its fragile balance.
More information: www.temanaotemoana.org