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Peace, harmony and pampering – Hélène Spa offers you the ultimate in indulgent therapies. 
Nestled in our tropical gardens, our spa enjoys a calming natural ambience that permeates throughout all treatment rooms, stilling the mind and nourishing the spirit. Created in 1999, Hélène Spa was voted one of the most beautiful spas in the world. 

Allow our highly skilled professional team, and high-quality natural Polynesian products to ease all your cares away. 
Recognised by the international press for more than 10 years as the quintessential authentic Tahitian Spa, our completely renovated Hélène Spa now features more spacious treatment areas, opening up to the scents and calming sounds of our tropical gardens. 

With nine private, luxurious rooms across 1,500 square metres, we can accommodate both single guests and couples. The spa features a traditional river bath, ideally situated facing the sunset. We also have rain showers for one or two people, and a floral bath filled with fragrant petals that offers an enchanting view of Moorea's mountains. For a truly natural experience, we have four outdoor private tropical showers.



Each of our serene spaces creates a peaceful, private zone for you to truly relax in. To complement this beautiful environment, spa founder Hélène Sillinger has created a range of Tahitian therapies using authentic local healing ingredients. Respecting time-honoured holistic secrets passed on to her by tahuas – Polynesian healers – Hélène uses natural ingredients from our Pacific island gardens: virgin oils, plants, fresh flowers and fruits such as wild miri, noni rea, sacred tamanu, pure ancestral monoï, Tahitian vanilla, coconut and fresh banana tree leaves, as well as pineapple, red papaya, tropical grapefruit and lemon. Their virtues, understood by Polynesians and applied in tandem with traditional massage – Tahitian taurumi – are employed for the well-being of the body and the vitality of the spirit.