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We Care

Our Mission:

In keeping with the vision of our parent company, Pacific Beachcomber S. C., our mission is to provide exemplary, authentic, and enriching travel experiences for our guests that are environmentally sensitive, sustainable, and that celebrate Polynesian cultural heritage. We believe in the power of travel to make the world a better place, protecting our natural and cultural heritage for future generations through exploration, discovery, education and conservation.


Why We Care:

Moorea is a ruggedly beautiful island alive with deep-rooted traditions and ancient cultures. It is both our honor and responsibility to support the island’s ongoing conservation and to empower its communities while extending genuine Polynesian hospitality to all our visitors.


Caring for Culture:

Polynesian heritage has inspired generations of travelers, from artist Paul Gauguin to explorer James Cook. We strive to both celebrate and share Moorea’s traditions through rich cultural exchange at the resort and beyond.

  • Visit the Tiki Village cultural center and get hands-on with weaving workshops and dance classes taught by skilled islanders before customizing your own pareo on our private beach.
  • Enjoy immersive Polynesian performances and cuisine during our themed dinners and witness traditional dancers during the Heiva festival in July.
  • Make your island wedding day even more memorable with a Polynesian ceremony incorporating traditional music and dance.
  • Indulge in Tahitian therapies based on ancestral ceremonies and natural ingredients at our rejuvenating spa.


Caring for the Environment:

Honoring our role within Moorea’s vibrant and fragile ecosystem, we remain committed to upholding environmentally-friendly practices and encourage each guest to join us in our ongoing efforts.

  • As active participants in the IHG Global Green Engage project, we submit monthly water, energy, and waste reports to benchmark and minimize our environmental impact.
  • We recycle rain and greywater for landscape irrigation, and air-dry linens to reduce electricity usage.
  • Our ‘Green Team’ staff is dedicated to reviewing, monitoring, and improving our eco-friendly efforts.


Caring for People:

Tourism should benefit both travelers and local communities alike, so we constantly strive to support the local people of Moorea and businesses across the island that share our philosophy of doing well by doing good. We foster professional growth for our local staff through ongoing trainings and career development, and invite local schoolchildren to participate in environmental awareness programs at the resort.

  • Browse unique island handicrafts from the skilled artisans who set up stalls at our restaurant every morning and visit shops throughout the island selling hand-carved ornaments and mother of pearl jewelry.
  • Join local guides on enriching experiences, like horseback rides through Moorea’s lush pineapple plantations, or in-the-water excursions through multihued coral gardens, where sharks and stingrays can be spotted.
  • Five percent of our gross income supports local foundations such as La Saga, which is devoted to aiding disadvantaged children.


Caring for Nature:

Nature is central to the Polynesian way of life and we safeguard our precious surroundings by contributing to biodiversity research, promoting environmental education, and serving as the headquarters for local nonprofit Te Mana o Te Moana, dedicated to marine conservation throughout French Polynesia.

  • Witness our expert veterinarians rehabilitate four species of sea turtles at the onsite Sea Turtle Care Center, managed by the non-profit Te Mana o Te Moana, before they are released back into the wild.
  • We collaborate with Moorea-based Marine Research Center CRIOBE, which has introduced coral gardens to our lagoon in order to study coral growth and reproduction.
  • Young explorers, ages 4-12, can join the Planet Trekkers Kids Club for fun activities curated by Te Mana O Te Moana that explore environmental conservation in a family-friendly environment.
  • Explore our incredible surroundings the eco-friendly way by kayaking, snorkeling, and taking our electric bikes out for a ride around the island.