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The TOPDIVE Moorea center is ideally located at the InterContinental Moorea Resort and Spa, with great access to the best dive sites along the northern coast of the island. Introductory dive packages are available to allow each and everyone to enjoy the beauty of the underwater flora and fauna.

The northern side of Moorea also features two beautiful bays (Cook and Opunohu) which serve as haven for some whale species such as the humpback whales which come to give birth every year between july and november. Moorea is surrounded by coral reefs, home to many species of colorful fish, with stingrays being part of the highlights of any tour. The Moorea Shark experience will let to swim up close among the sharks in a safe and calm atmosphere. Experienced divers will also enjoy the deep dive in the Garden of Roses where beautiful coral roses (Montipora) can be seen.

With its crystal waters make it ideal for any kind of water activities, motorized or not.

Fore more information and rate details, contact our concierge team: concierge.moorea@ihg.com

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