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Can I get legally married in Moorea? 
Yes, you can be legally married by the mayor in office at the town hall. Please note that we recommend you begin organising the required documentation at least five months before arriving in Tahiti.
Are ceremonies at the resort officially recognised?
No, the ceremonies performed at the resort are purely traditional Tahitian with no legal and/or religious binding.
Do you organise same-sex weddings? 
Who will assist me with preparations? 
Our skilled concierge team will assist with all wedding preparations: concierge.moorea@ihg.com
What type of wedding package do you offer?
We offer a legal wedding at the town hall, a traditional wedding ceremony at the resort and a renewal of vows ceremony on the resort beach. We also offer a combined legal and beach wedding package. 
What is the difference between a traditional wedding ceremony and a renewal of vows ceremony?
The main difference is the number of dancers and musicians, as well as the costumes. If you would like a more simple wedding ceremony, a renewal of vows is the best option.
Do you offer photography or video services? 
Yes, you can choose to have photography only or a package for both.
How long does the wedding ceremony usually take? 
Approximately 25 minutes.
How much does a wedding cost?
The cost of the beach wedding ceremony starts from approximately $1,000 USD. Combined beach and legal ceremonies cost approximately $2,000 USD (per couple, ceremony only, accommodation not included).
Apart from wedding ceremonies, what other services do you provide for couples who get married at your resort?
Romantic dinners, spa treatments, private sunset cruises, floral decoration, hair and make-up, honeymoon amenities and much more.
Who do I contact if I need more information?
E-mail concierge.moorea@ihg.com to ask our concierge team any questions.
Do you rent wedding dresses and suits?
Our traditional wedding package includes traditional costumes. The renewal of vows ceremony includes white pareos. There is no place to rent wedding clothes on Moorea, so if you would prefer to wear a dress and suit, please bring your own. Outfits are not included in the legal wedding.
What time of day do you stage weddings?
We usually organise them in the afternoon at 4pm, or less frequently at 10am for couples who prefer celebrating in the morning.